Urban Sustainability Management

Supporting ISO 37101


A series of presentations made at various events introduces Urban Sustainability Management based on the ISO 37101 standard:

  • Introductory webinar (May 2018 PDF)
  • Introductory webinar (October 2017 PDF)
  • Young Professionals Webinar (May 2018 PDF)
  • FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer Symposium (May 2018 PDF)
  • COP24 (December 2018 PDF ¦ Background text PDF
  • COP23 (December 2017 PDF)
  • See wiki.37171.org for presentations

Urban Sustainability Management

The ISO 37101 urban and community sustainability management system standard aims to advance sustainability at the urban and community levels by providing:

  • a globally recognised  framework based on the 6  purposes of sustainability and the 12 principal areas for community action;
  • an holistic approach to integrate buildings, infrastructure and urban projects so as to to optimise sustainability performance and support essential management processes.

37101.org supports ISO 37101 based urban management activities organised by the FIDIC and EFCA Sustainable Development Committees.


USM News

For news about various USM activities, documents and events, see blog item.

USM Events

Future events at which USM will be presented include:

  • World Urban Forum 10 (Abu Dhabi; 8-13 February 2020), See USM at WUF10.

Recent events at which USM was presented included:

  • UN Habitat 1st Assembly (Nairobi; 25 - 31 May 2019). See events information.
  • UN Climate Change Conference (COP24), Katowice. See Presentations and COP24 events.
  • USM Webinar (February 2019) to discuss the ISO New Work Item Proposal for a developers' guide to ISO 37101. See USM News


USM Platform

Advanced metrics and indicators form the basis for decision making. The USM Platform at USMS.site allows those using an ISO 37101-based USM system to create City Logbooks. 

City Logbooks organise indicator sets for cities according to the ISO 37101 purpose - action area categories. Indicator values are diplayed using heat maps and radar charts. 

The USM Platform is being further developed so that City Logbooks can be the basis for management tools used to meet ISO 37101 requirements such as the generation of urban or project strategies and baseline reviews. 

The USM Platform is based on the user sites for the FIDIC-EFCA Project-Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL) - see PPSL.org. Development of the PPSL Version 1 and Version 2 user sites has ended.


Development of the USM Platform and associated tools and resources is co-ordinated by the Sustainable Development Committee organised jointly by FIDIC, the global voice of the consulting engineering industry, and  EFCA representing the European industry.   


37101 Wiki

Information about the inventories of declarations and the sets of indicators corresponding to different perspectives that can be used for USMP Logbooks is kept at wiki.37101.org together with updated guidance and inventories of management tools that can be used in implementing ISO 37101.

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